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Marcus Eriksen, PhD
Executive Director 

Marcus Eriksen has been excavating dinosaurs in Niobrara County since 1991, building his first life-size dinosaur skeleton for the Stagecoach Museum on Main St. in Lusk in 2000. He shares a dream for a nature center in Lusk to give back to the community what it has provide for him over the last three decades.

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Anna Cummins
Director of Development

She has over 10 years of experience in non-profit management, and is keen to support the Eastern Wyoming Nature Center to meet its financial needs. She joined M. Eriksen and the founding board to help build the center from its inception.,


Justin Bucksbaum
Digital Strategist

Justin brings his experience in media & communication, graphic design and videography, to the team.  He's spent three summers excavating dinosaurs in Niobrara County, contributing fossils to the nature center.


Todd Hoelmer
Founding Boardmember

Todd is the resident paleontologist at 102 S. Main St. in Lusk, Wyoming, which is the future site of the Eastern Wyoming Nature Center. He is always available to share with the public the vision for the nature center.

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Debbie Sturman
Founding Boardmember

Debbie is the lead librarian at the Niobrara Public Library in Lusk, Wyoming. Her dedication to children's learning resonates with the mission of the Eastern Wyoming Nature Center.

Kraig Derstler, PhD
Founding Boardmember

Kraig is a paleontologist that has spent many years excavating dinosaurs in the badlands of Niobrara County.  His is committed to public education and appreaciation of nature and science.



Andrew Darling
Advisory Boardmember

Expertise in fossil casting & moulding, excavating fossils in the Eastern Wyoming area, and keenly interested in the success of the EWNC.

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